Technologies Available for Commercial Exploitation


The production of pulse in India is of the order of 15 million tons per year. Generally pulses are consumed in a variety of food preparation after conversion into dhal viz., de-husked split pulse. It is estimated that more than 75% of the pulse produced is converted into dhal. Dhal milling is probably the third largest of food processing industry after rice and wheat. Milling of pulse is practiced as a small-scale rural operation from ancient times and more recently as a large commercial operation.


  • The mini versatile dhal mill consists of three principle sections/ assemblies namely (1) de-husking system (2) aspiration system and (3) grading system
  • It is able to process pulses pre-treated by wet/ dry pre-treatment.
  • It is able to process smaller sized pulses (green gram, black gram) to dhal using dry pre milling treatment and also
  • Able to produce well de-husked dhal (˜ 98% de-hulling) comparable to large scale dhal mills.
  • Operate at 550 rpm, 1HP single phase motor (2 nos)
  • Capacity 150 kg/h

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