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About Mysore City    

The United Nations University Fellowship is for professionals from Universities, Academies, R&D Institutes of developing countires other than India including Africa and Mid West.

Central Food Technological Research Institute came into existence on October 21, 1950 as a constituent institute of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as its third national laboratory. Located at Mysore, a cultural city of Southern India, CFTRI prides itself as the premier organization of Scientific and Industrial Research in Food Science and Technology in this part of the world.  CFTRI celebrated its golden jubilee last year. CFTRI today stands out among the largest and most diversified Food Technology laboratories in the world.

CFTRI has a wide pool of talent and knowledge, with over 300 scientists, technologists and engineers, and over 400 technicians, skilled workers and support staff. Its multi-disciplinary spread (across 17 R&D departments) covers almost every field of scientific investigation connected with food science and its relationship to humans, including the cutting edge area of food biotechnology.

The Focus

The focus is on Development of low-cost and cost-effective adaptable Food Technologies, utilisation of indigenous raw materials, Bio-friendly technology with emphasis on integrated processing, and High-level pursuit of total technology, underlining the need for food safety, health and nutrition to the consumer.

The Role

The role of CFTRI has always been on high pedestal in the area of human resource development and cherished by both the international linkages as well as industry support to carry out such human resources development programme. The recognition of CFTRI by a number of international institutions such as the Institute of Food Technologists, USA; National Science Foundation, USA; National Institute of Health, USA; Indo-British Partnership Initiative; Indo-Swiss Collaborative Programmes as well as a tie up with a number of leading industries Nationally and Internationally is itself an achievement. CFTRI is one of the prime leaders in the area of Food Science and Technology forging science ahead to the world of learning with built in excellence.

Facilities for Basic and Technological Studies at CFTRI

CFTRI is equipped to address basic problems in understanding food system components (chemical, nutritional, toxicological, biomolecular, biophysical, microbiological, physiological and sensorial profiling and food engineering) to evolve commercially viable processes and consumer friendly products.

A view of Pilot Plant of CFTRI

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