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Age and Technical/Scientific Abilities of Fellows

Fellows must generally be young and should have an excellent academic record.

Language Proficiency

They must speak, read and write English to an acceptable good standard.

Technical/Scientific Attitude

They must be genuinely interested in furthering the professions in Food Science and Technology and must be associated with a Research Institute / University in the area of Food Science.


Each Fellow is assigned a Supervisor, who is one of CFTRI's scientific staff.   The Supervisor is responsible for guiding and advising the Fellow on all aspects of his or her academic work at CFTRI.  Fellows on research projects usually work individually with their Supervisor and a team appointed by the Director, CFTRI.


Each Fellow is required to present the results of his or her work at CFTRI to the staff and other Fellows in the form of internal seminars.  In addition, Fellows may be asked to give brief presentations on the work they did before coming to CFTRI during the finalisation of their programme at CFTRI.


Fellows are  required to produce a technical report during their Fellowship, the final version of which must be approved by the Fellow's Supervisor and Director CFTRI before it can become an official Report.  Only persons who have made real contribution  to the completion of the paper can be listed as its co-authors.  Fellows may submit technical papers on their work at CFTRI at conferences and scientific journals provided this is approved in advance by Director, CFTRI.

Intellectual Property Rights

Usually all results, including data, collected by the Inventor are assigned to CFTRI.  Any patent filed in or outside India, the assignee will be CSIR, India and should pass through the protocols laid down by CFTRI through its patent law and regulations.

Eligibility    Work      General Information     Online Application  

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