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UNU Fellowship Programme

The United Nations University Fellowship is for professionals from Universities, Academies, R&D Institutes of developing countires other than India including Africa and Mid West.

The UNU Fellowship programme at CFTRI is generally of 10 - 12 months duration.  The Fellow after being nominated by CFTRI with reference to their application and later cleared by the UNU Headquarters at Tokyo is placed in the Institute where he/she will work in appropriate department based on the experience and the nature of the problem.  The Fellow's travel is met by the UNU and the subsistence allowance of Rs. 20,000/- per month is paid at CFTRI.  The Fellows would be provided accommodation with a single air - conditioned room and attached kitchen at nominal charges.   Families are not allowed because of the accommodation restrictions.  CFTRI also assists in providing documentation for visa formalities and other clearances for enabling the Fellow to come to India.

The original application should normally be sent a year in advance to CFTRI, so that the time for processing in terms of selection modalities, communication, clearance from the Government of India and other formalities at the UNU office could all be completed well ahead of time.

If any of the person from the Institution where this information reaches is interested, it would be ideal to fill up the Preliminary Application form (enclosed proforma)   and send it by airmail or through E-mail and also by fax, so that CFTRI can send further application details depending upon the initial response.

You should also visit CFTRI website at http://www.cftri.com for getting more information about CFTRI.

Subjects to Choose from a Wide Arena

The fellow can choose a programme relevent to their country and in the ambit of CFTRI's expertise and available infrastructure at CFTRI for their work and relevent to their country subject to availability of prgrammes by the CFTRI-UNU system.

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